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This Mod Brings AMD V Features to GTA V


AMD has just officially launched the FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) feature for tech enthusiasts who use their products. But in this launch, there are only seven new games that support this feature.

As is known, AMD plans this FSR feature as an open source feature. This means that anyone with sufficient coding knowledge can easily implement this feature in a game or hardware.

And only a few days after FSR officially launched, a GTA V modder named “NarutoUA” managed to add this feature to the game. Of course, this is surprising for several reasons.

NarutoUA’s own FSR implementation is said to replace the image enhancement engine built specifically into GTA V. This mod allows players to choose from four different configurations.

They can choose the mode according to the GPU they are using. The four options are Performance Mode, Balanced Mode, Quality Mode, and Ultra Quality Mode. Here’s an example of an FSR running in GTA V:
The presence of this feature is considered important for several reasons. The first is that this eight year old game will get a real performance boost for gamers.

Intel had tried using AI for GTAV last May, but it was a well-funded project that involved the entire team.

The second reason, FSR is not yet fully open source software. AMD plans to publish the source code “in mid-July”, but AMD’s partners have been getting the code a few months ago.

Then, where did NarutoUA get this code from? He said on Reddit that the mod was made using “shaders that have been compiled from other games”. He also said that once you get the original code, the end result might look better.

This mod also demonstrates the value of using open source cross-platform solutions like FSR over limited technologies like Nvidia DLSS. Of course, both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages.

Well, at least gamers will get a better gaming experience while waiting for the presence of the next GTA game, which is rumored to be launching in 2025.

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